Green manufacturing drives the future development of enterprises

Green manufacturing,also known as environmentally conscious manufacturing or environmentally oriented manufacturing.The term'green manufacturing'was first proposed by Lewis,whose article teaches children to understand environmental issues in the manufacturing industry while playing games.Dickinson et al.

1、What is green manufacturing?

Green manufacturing,also known as environmentally conscious manufacturing or environmentally oriented manufacturing.The term'green manufacturing'was first proposed by Lewis,whose article teaches children to understand environmental issues in the manufacturing industry while playing games.Dickinson et al.published their first article on the theme of"green manufacturing"in 1995,titled"Green Product Manufacturing".Green manufacturing"proposes a new manufacturing model,which adopts various green strategies and technologies to improve ecological benefits.The concept of this strategy is to produce products with minimal energy consumption,reduce waste output,and convert output into inputs through recycling.

In 2012,the Chinese government first proposed the meaning of green manufacturing in policy documents,believing that green manufacturing is a modern manufacturing model that comprehensively considers environmental impact and resource efficiency while ensuring the functionality,quality,and cost of products.Through technological innovation and system optimization,products have minimal environmental impact during the life cycle processes of design,manufacturing,logistics,use,recycling,disassembly,and reuse The highest efficiency in resource utilization,the least harm to human health and society,and the coordination and optimization of economic and social benefits for enterprises.

2、Characteristics of Green Manufacturing

(1)Green process

Green manufacturing requires its manufacturing process to utilize renewable energy systems and clean technology equipment to produce green products.From the design of green products to the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies,as well as the introduction of energy-saving and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and systems from factories to parks,to establish industrial symbiosis relationships,green manufacturing requires that the entire manufacturing production,operation connection,logistics and transportation processes comply with the requirements of green and low-carbon.

(2)Product Ecologization

Green manufacturing achieves innovative integration based on existing advanced processes and equipment,and reconstructs green manufacturing processes and system control.Through these measures,green manufacturing can effectively reduce pollution emissions,reduce waste,save resources and energy use,and recycle waste,allowing most products to re-enter the industrial cycle with minimal impact on the ecological environment.

(3)Industry Recycling

Green manufacturing requires full consideration of the ownership and disposal of the entire product lifecycle.Adopting green technology processes to produce and manufacture green products,after sales and use,the waste products are recycled,disassembled,repaired,and remanufactured,forming a full extension and closed cycle of the industrial chain,achieving full material recycling and circular symbiosis between industries.

(4)Industrial intelligence

Industrial intelligence is an important reason for the success of green manufacturing and plays an important role in achieving energy conservation and consumption reduction in the manufacturing industry.With the support of intelligent manufacturing technology,traditional industries have revitalized,achieving intelligent control of manufacturing equipment,real-time monitoring of material resources,seamless connection of production processes,and parallel manufacturing.Significant progress has been made in improving production efficiency,reducing energy consumption,and reducing waste,which is an important driving force for the greening of the manufacturing industry.

3、The significance of green manufacturing

(1)Green manufacturing is the only way to achieve ecological civilization construction

Green manufacturing and ecological civilization construction are inherently unified and mutually reinforcing.On the one hand,enterprises can only truly achieve ecological civilization construction by developing green technologies,producing green products,implementing green manufacturing,improving resource utilization efficiency,and enhancing the carrying capacity of China's ecological environment;On the other hand,expanding the culture of ecological civilization into the development of enterprises,with ecological civilization construction as the development goal,can ensure the healthy development of enterprises.In this sense,green manufacturing is an economic development model that is in line with China's ecological civilization construction.However,the reality is that China's manufacturing industry has not completely broken away from the development model of high pollution and high consumption,and there is still a significant gap with the international advanced level.In order to achieve China's ecological civilization construction,the development of green manufacturing is urgent.

(2)Green manufacturing concerns the image and status of the Chinese government

In recent years,international public opinion has attached great importance to resource and environmental issues,as they not only determine a country's economic development,but also affect the survival and development of humanity.They have become a political issue that affects a country's and even global development.The United Nations Declaration on the Human Environment states that protecting and improving the ecological environment is an urgent hope of people around the world and a responsibility of governments.As a responsible major country,China must shoulder the responsibility of conserving resources and protecting the environment,actively improve our ecological environment,and jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Green manufacturing is an important way to solve resource and environmental problems.The degree of greenness in the manufacturing industry is related to whether the superiority of the socialist system has been fully utilized,China's image and status in the international community,and the survival and development of the Chinese nation and its descendants.