Li Keqiang met with Bill Gate to push new energy cooperation between China and

China Premier Li Keqiang met in Zhongnanhai on the afternoon of 12,Gates Bill's visit to china.

China Premier Li Keqiang met in Zhongnanhai on the afternoon of 12,Gates Bill's visit to china.
Referring to the cooperation between China and the US in tackling climate change and developing new energy fields,Li Keqiang said that at present,China is promoting economic structural reform and structural adjustment,taking the path of green and sustainable development.In this process,China is willing to work together with the countries of the world to make comprehensive measures to tackle the challenges of climate change.The development of clean energy,including nuclear power,is an important way.
The afternoon of November 12th,Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing Zhongnanhai met with visiting Bill Gates.Liu Zhen,a journalist from China China News Agency
Li Keqiang pointed out that the government supports the United States China forward-looking technology and design concept with China industrial facilities and construction operation combining ability,in ensuring the safety,reduce the cost and improve the sustainability of the premise,to carry out joint research and development,and constantly improve the level of Chinese nuclear power industry.At the same time,China and the United States carry out nuclear power cooperation in the third party market,contributing to the sustainable development of the world.
Gates said that China's positive response to climate change and the achievements made in the development of new energy industries are obvious to all.The United States and China's strong combination will speed up technological innovation and industrialization process,and provide clean,reliable and cheap energy supply for the world,especially for developing countries.